Does Golf Have Adequate Cardio and Health Benefits?

Why You Should Play Golf As An Exercise

While golf is generally considered as a sport of leisure, there are still several reasons why golf is a popular sport and physical activity. Taking this into consideration, here are some of the physical and health benefits of playing golf as an exercise.

What is golf?

Before we head on to the benefits of playing golf as an exercise, let us first introduce what and how golf exactly works. In the simplest sense, gold is a club-and-ball sport that requires players to hit balls into a series of holes set in a wide field with the fewest possible strokes. Using different types of golf clubs, players are supposed to hit the ball as strong as possible in order to close the gap to the hole with fewer hits. Considering that gold is not that physically demanding, golf is a fairly popular leisure sport for older people looking for a way to exercise.

Benefits of playing golf

While golf is mainly popular as a leisure activity, it is still a sport that requires physical effort and mental strength to play properly and competitively. Taking this into consideration, here are some of the most notable benefits of playing golf as a form of exercise.

Effective heart and lung workout

While golf is not as physically demanding compared to other sports, golf can still work your cardio and lungs out. Taking into consideration that golf is typically done in a wide field, you would still have to move around and walk throughout your game.

Low risk of injury

Considerably the best benefit of playing sport as an exercise is that there little to no risk of injury. Taking into consideration that golf requires limited movement and focus primarily on a swinging motion, there is little possibility to accidentally injure any other part of the body. This particular benefit makes it suitable even for people with old age.

Burns calories and builds strength

Some say that playing a nine-hole course can effectively burn up 700 calories by walking the whole coarse while carrying your equipment. This can be a lot more depending on the topography of the course. Aside from that, swinging a golf club is still considerably a full body as it uses the arms, legs, and core muscles to pull a powerful and balanced swing.

Relieve stress

Much like it is typically conceived as, golf is an activity done for leisure and is an effective stress reliever. As some would say, golf is 90% a mental game that requires the most focus and attention. By channeling your focus in playing the game, you can slowly take your mind off of things that stress you.

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As mentioned earlier, golf is considerably as not as physically demanding as other sports. It still offers physical and mental benefits. Regardless, playing golf as an exercise is still better than no exercise at all.

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