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What exactly does Peak offer? What is a 3D Analysis and evaluation?

Peak offers total golf game improvement programs. We do this through 3D swing analysis, physical evaluations, and exercise program designs to optimize golf performance. A 3D swing analysis description can be found HERE. Exercise program designs are specifically constructed for each client based on our screening process (our 3D analysis and physical tests). Also, K Vest bio feedback programs are given to clients to ensure “perfect practice.” We work WITH clients’ golf instructors to ensure proper programming and planning. Upon scheduling your first visit, we will ask you if you have a swing instructor and coordinate communication with them immediately.

What are bio feedback programs you give to clients?

Bio feedback programs are programs on our K Vest system. These programs place two sensors on the individual and guide him/her through desired positions and motions in the golf swing. Click HERE to see biofeedback in real time.

What type of facility is Peak? What do you have there?

Our facility includes a 45 x 20-foot workout floor equipped with dumbbells, kettlebells, bands, medicine balls, and many other exercise pieces. Peak also has 2 Foresight GC Hawk Golf Simulators, equipped with over 50 golf courses to play, driving range, game improvement areas, and golf ball data. Lastly, Peak has an 18 x 7-foot Pro Putt Systems putting green for practice.

Do I have to get an evaluation? Can I just get a general golf workout to do?

We always recommend an evaluation so we can create the most efficient and effective program for everyone. However, we can cater to the wants/needs of every client and do have custom options available.

Do you offer golf lessons?

Golf lessons are offered at Peak as individual sessions or included in membership packages (may use a lesson as a one on one session).

Important note**** Peak is structured in fitness and biomechanics offerings to work WITH golf instructors. Therefore, if you already have a golf instructor, we will not permit ourselves to give you instruction. Although we do have a PGA Professional on staff to give instruction, we only do so if a client does not already have a swing instructor. If a client does have a golf instructor, we will work with the instructor to ensure an effective and efficient game plan. We will always “stay in our lane” regarding our practices.

Why do your prices seem high? My gym is only $30 a month and your rates seem extremely steep.

We do not classify ourselves as a gym, rather we provide a service, along with granting our members access to use our facility 24/7. At any gym, there are additional fees for personal training, which is what we include in our membership cost, along with all the other great benefits we offer. When you account for what you receive in a membership each month, there is lots of value:

-24/7 access to the facility, which includes workout floor, 2 golf simulators (typical rates are $50-$110 per hour to use a simulator at other facilities), putting green.

-One on one training sessions each month ($115 an hour value)

-Full AMM 3D Evaluation and Physical Screening every 6 months, along with a workout program design with UNLIMITED updates ($600 value)

-Custom workout booklet with pictures, descriptions, sets, and reps for exercises

-Online access to personalized workout

-K-Vest biofeedback program ($99 value)

-Group class options

-Access to Peak’s Online Performance Portal that includes exercise library, tips, drills, programs, and warm up videos. ($8.99 a month value)

Click HERE to view our membership options

Are There other lower price point options besides becoming a monthly member if my budget is lower or I live far away?

Yes! A great way to start is by getting a K Vest 3D Swing Evaluation and a Physical Screening. With this, you will receive 20-30 minute personalized golf workout plan that you can do in your own home or at your gym. You will receive a booklet of your workout with descriptions, sets, reps, and online access to view your exercise videos. It is recommended that you check back in to update your program every 4-6 weeks. During the update visits, we will walk through progressions and the new exercises, as well as update your booklet.

K Vest 3D Swing Analysis, Physical Screen, and 20-30 Minute Workout Plan – $149 (Contact us about our special deals on K Vest Evaluations)

Program updates (30-minute session) – $50

We also offer out of town memberships for those with long commutes.  Click HERE to see details.

Are members charged month by month? Is there a minimum commitment for membership? Are there discounts for longer commitments?

Members are charged monthly. There is a 6-month minimum commitment for memberships, and discounts are offered for 12 month+ commitments.

What are typical results/ how will my performance improve? How long will it take to see results?

Depending on the goal and needs of each client, results may be seen in different areas that include, but not limited to:

  • Added distance
  • Less aches & pains
  • More consistency
  • Increased strength and explosiveness
  • More flexibility
  • Improved cardio and stamina
  • Increased overall golf performance

Clients typically start seeing results within a few weeks, and progressions continue from there with program updates. If someone commits themselves to the program, they should typically see fantastic results.

Are there memberships for facility use only?

We do offer memberships for full facility access only without any instruction. These memberships are $120 per month. This allows an individual to use simulators, along with workout when there is adequate space available.

How well trained and experienced is your staff?

We have a great team of certified trainers and professionals. From working with the average weekend warrior, to touring pros, our staff has the education, background, and experience to help your game. All of our trainers are TPI Certified, along with individual certifications including ACE, PGA, K-Motion.

What separates you from other fitness facilities?

Our facility is specifically designed for increasing golf performance. General fitness and golf do have some similarities, but also many differences. Most fitness facilities are focused on general wellness, so programs and sessions may not be as effective. Also, we take pride in doing everything possible for the success of our clients. Every time a staff member is at the facility, clients are always welcome to ask for assistance or ask questions. Most fitness facilities will have training sessions, and then no contact until the next session. We encourage our members to always keep in touch, and never hesitate to contact us. You will develop relationships with all our staff and feel right at home at our facility.

Do you allow 24/7 access to your facility, even when no staffer is present?

Members can access the facility 24/7, with or without a staff member present. Members are required to sign contracts prior to access being granted about usage of the facility.

*Due to COVID 19, access is still granted, but on appointment basis.

It says you have simulators. Are we allowed to use the simulators whenever we want?

Simulator use is included with all memberships. Times may be booked in advanced or used on a first come first serve basis. Nonmembers may reserve simulator times during limited hours.

What kind of exercises will I be doing?

Exercises will depend on our findings in the physical screening and swing analysis. Depending on what needs to be addressed, appropriate exercises are prescribed. Typically, little to no equipment is needed. These exercises include, but are not limited to mobility, stability, speed, power, strength, & movement patterns.

Do you offer physical therapy for golf?

Currently, we execute injury screenings and corrective exercise programming. However, we do not diagnose injuries. Referrals to clients wishing to see a physical therapist will be given. We will work with the physical therapist to ensure the safety of the client and effectiveness of the program.

Can I request a specific trainer/instructor?

You may request a specific trainer/instructor. However, please be aware that hours may be limited if you wish to work with only one of our staff members.

Do you recommend any training aids?

Depending on the individual, certain training aids may be useful. We typically will make recommendations to a client upon request based on our findings through our screening process.

Does being a Peak member get me benefits and discounts on certain products?

Being a Peak member offers great benefits! Peak is proud to have accounts with Ahead USA, TaylorMade Golf, SuperSpeed Golf, Theragun, Orange Whip Trainers, and Perform Better. Please contact us at [email protected] or 888-973-7325 for pricing information.

If you have any further questions, please contact us at [email protected] or 888-973-7325.

Our Mission

To provide the best golf specific performance training in the Mid-Atlantic by utilizing the best technology, information, instructors, and education available to our staff and clients.