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Peak Junior Offerings


This program is for competitive athletes who would like to play competitive golf through high school and play on a college golf team.  It is designed to help athletes learn and compete at the highest level while preparing them with tools to play golf beyond high school.  There are 4 different seasons: Pre (March/April), In (May/August), Post (Sept/Oct), and Off (Nov/Feb). Each season will have different primary focuses to maximize results.

To visit our COMPETE page or to sign up click HERE.

Developmental Program

With our developmental program our ultimate goal is to develop competitive golfers. Our primary focus for this program emphasizes FUN, the main reason we all enjoy the game of golf. Once the joy of golf develops in our juniors, we then turn our focus to making them athletes. Finally, we work to make our athletes into competitive golfers. We believe that having fun and playing sports are the path to improving junior golfers’ abilities.

What Makes Developmental Program Unique?

Traditional golf clinics are designed around activities and exercises aimed at adults, not junior golfers. We emphasize the use of kids’ natural play instincts to create true golf athletes. Fun and athleticism are the cornerstones of bringing together the competitive golfer. By designing programs that first teach athletic movements, rather than hitting golf balls, we put your junior golfer on the path to becoming a better athlete and a more able and competitive golfer.

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Our recommendation is to sign up for an evaluation to ensure the best results for your individual training program. Becoming a member is the best way to get an evaluation and training included. Visit our membership page HERE to see all the benefits that come with signing up for membership. If you are only interested in a full evaluation and program design, see details HERE.

Individual Non-member Junior Training:

3D Golf Swing Evaluation and Physical Assessment – 5 Hours

-Complete swing movement assessment, physical movement evaluation, personalized program,
introductory workout, and 1 follow-up session  – $600 (Re-testing of previously assessed clients- $450)

Physical Assessment – Full physical movement assessment, personalized program, and intro workout – $299

Golf swing analysis and biofeedback lesson  – $225

One-on-One Training – $150/HR (In Home, add $35)

One-on-One Training Package – $135/session w/purchase of 3 or more (In Home, add $35)

Saturday Morning Junior Class Drop In – A one hour intense golf workout for kids ages 12-18. This class is part of our COMPETE Program, but also open to non-COMPETE members for a $30 per class rate.

Choosing a membership option offers huge savings on all above non-member options. CLICK HERE to view our junior membership pricing page.

Our Mission

To provide the best golf specific performance training in the Mid-Atlantic by utilizing the best technology, information, instructors, and education available to our staff and clients.