“My son has been playing competitive golf for several years. Despite having a technically sound golf swing, he was lacking power and distance in his golf game. We were referred to Jason Meisch and Peak Golf Fitness several months ago. Jason used his Titleist Performance Institute training to benchmark my son’s strengths and weaknesses and customized a training program that addressed his weaknesses. My son’s core strength has improved dramatically in a short period of time. Jason is knowledgeable in the latest training techniques and is apt at applying those techniques to improving my son’s golf game. I would highly recommend Jason and Peak Golf Fitness to anyone who is serious about fitness and improving their golf game.”

~ Bill F (Junior Parent)

“I have been working out at PEAK Golf Fitness for the past 3 years. In those 3 years it has been remarkable the difference I have seen as I transitioned out of my off-season training and to back on the course. It’s no accident that I have had my best 3 years of competitive playing since I started training at PEAK.“

~ Scott Shapin. P.G.A.

“Being a professional golfer with the ultimate goal of achieving success on the PGA Tour, Jason and Dmitri have coached me in my physical development as it relates to the golf swing. Working with these guys will produce tremendous gains with any level of player.”

~ Zach Lese. Mini Tour Player

“Jason and the PEAK Golf Fitness team have dramatically changed the way I move in just a short period of time. My golf swing feels more athletic, consistent, and dependable. Plus, I finally understand what was preventing me from making the swing changes I have struggled with for the last few years…I always look forward to my PEAK workouts!”

~ Adam Kmak. Mini Tour Player

“The team at Peak Golf Fitness exemplifies dedicated, high level instruction for anyone looking to improve their game. Dmitri Okorokov has been greatly influential in my improvement on the course taking me from a 107 to an 83 in one year. The methods applied through physical fitness classes, individualized training, 3D analysis and on course management have not only helped me physically but have greatly boosted my confidence thereby making me a much more relaxed player. Dmitri’s sincere commitment to enhance my performance has far exceeded my expectations in a golf instructor.”

~ Dana P

“As I entered my mid to late fifties, I noticed a gradual loss of distance and ball striking quality in my game, with my misses more offline. The occasional golf physical evaluations, self-directed workouts and lessons I engaged in had no noticeable effect on this trend. Deciding a major change was needed, and having worked with Jason in the past, I joined Peak Golf Fitness. Since I began working with Jason and Dimitri, I have surpassed the stability, mobility, speed, and movement of past years. Without any major swing changes, I’ve gained 30-40 yards on my driver, with the occasional 300 yard drive, and one-and-a-half to two clubs on my irons. My GHIN has dropped from a 5.5 to a 4.0 in less than one year. Any golfer on any level can benefit and improve at Peak.”

~ Warren W

“Thanks to Jason and the staff at Peak, I have made significant progress in my golf fitness and performance. I have never made so many changes to my swing in such a short time that has made such a significant improvement. The Winter Performance fitness classes and use of the K-Motion combined with their expert guidance in golf movements and patterns was the answer. At age 69, I’m hitting it 15-20 yards longer!!!”

~ Gary R