Unstable Surface Training (Bosu balls, stability balls, etc)

We all have seen people balance on bosu balls or stability balls at some point. Everyone’s first reaction to seeing this is usually how impressive and amazing it is. BUT, is this really helping performance? Balancing on unstable surfaces may seem cool and beneficial, but it’s not very effective for enhancing golf (or many other sports) performance. Golf, like most sports is performed on a stable surface, so training on unstable surfaces really doesn’t benefit us. When we are trying to do something on an unstable surface, our attention and muscle activation is directed towards staying balanced on the ball, which is not our intent when swinging a golf club. When swinging, we are rapidly trying to transfer force using the stable surface of the ground, not trying to stay stable on a moving object. That is why this type of training probably won’t transfer any benefit to your golf game. Also, there is potential for injury every time you get on stability balls or balance on something unstable. We are not saying there is no benefit to using “some” unstable surface training. It can improve body awareness, ankle strength and mobility. These are important as we move at higher speeds, but so many of us struggle stabilizing and balancing on stable surfaces (Only about 5% of the people we test pass the single leg balance test) that training on unstable surfaces becomes counter productive. So put the stability ball or bosu ball away and start training more on a stable surface; your golf game will thank you.

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